Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where did her vagina go?!?!?

D had her 3 year check up today. It was supposed to be a normal check up with a few shots and wham, bam, thank you mame, we are done! But nope. Turns out that D has no vagina. Color me surprised!

Ok, she does have a vagina but it's closed. Upon examining my toddler her Dr discovered she had what is called a "Labial Adhesion". She showed me and this is what it looks like:

No, this isn't my child's va-jay-jay. It seemed kinda wrong to post my kids little baby girl bits on my blog... so I borrowed the photo from a website that I used to learn a little more about the condition. (Creepy and weird to borrow a photo like this instead of using D's but at least in 10 years if my kid ever comes back and reads my blog she won't hate me for posting it.)

So after talking to our pediatrician and doing some googling or it we have our prescription for some estrogen cream that will get the labia to separate again. The biggest risk with a labial adhesion are infections and some other funky happenings down under so we are gonna smear on the cream and open that thing back up. Ironically if left untreated the labia often separates on its own during puberty which if you ask me is right around the time a parent may want their child's vagina to disappear. Funny how that works out.

In addition to all that D is backed up like fraternity house toilet the morning after a kegger. The doc was fairly concerned about her not pooping in a week, as was I, so now she has to have an enema, miralax slipped into her juice, prunes and lots of water to get the plumbing up and working. So I slipped her the enema already and thankfully my dad came over to help. I'll tell you for growing up wrestling and my dad being a wrestling coach she was still damn hard to pin down but we got her. Now we just wait for things to "get going". If not back to the doctors we will go. Oh, not to mention she got those shots which she took like a champ but her legs are still hurting her.

So that's been my day. We lost a vagina, did some butt flushing, waited for poop and dealt with a crabby toddler. So much fun. How was yours?


  1. LOL...When I started reading this, I was thinking that I wished my daughter's vagina would disappear...then you said it! LOL

  2. Oh good lord. Dev (and you) just cant get a break!

  3. why are you showing a picture of a childs vagina anyway...ARE YOU THAT that silly...may as well enjoy everyones kids...cause thats where all peoples morals are going to...may as well copy youtubes scaring babys pranks as if bad enough stuff is'nt on the net already...now we can add trauma to the list of fun things to do with your kids in bad pranks

  4. sarah here...dont mind said person comments above..May as well show your childs jay jay ..its a blog not a perverts lair...where ever she shows it or not...not much concern here

  5. Hi it's tania I think its different to lump a picture of a jay jay with bad pranks of scaring kids ....scaring babies or kids on youtube ..is just bad parenting...where a picture of a jay jay with or without condition is NOT wrong at all...we all have one...why not show it???

  6. i think delete silly man or womens comment on youtube scare thing is different than showing a pussy at all sincerely Angela

  7. Well, looks like EVERYONE but one person (yes you who made the first stupid comment) understood the point of the picture. I am no perv. My child had a medical condition that I illustrated with that photo which was already on the web. I didn't even use my own kids picture.

    And how did you find this page unless you googled something that would lead you to the picture so either you were looking for it or possibly worse so poo on you.

    And for everyone else, thanks for reading and keep commenting!