Monday, February 27, 2012

Mommy Cliques

I am having a little problem with "Mommy Cliques".

I have once before been told I was in a "Mommy Clique" which for an alternative punk like me was almost flattering. I think often a close group of friends is called a clique and that brings negative images of 30 something "mean girls". But when all is said and done, a clique implies exclusivity and I have never been in a group that didn't welcome others. But I realize how moms new to a group may not feel welcome at first since getting to know people and form bonds can be a little tricky.

It's the Mommy Cliques that give all close groups of friends a negative rep because most often the members of a those clique are bitchy ladies.

I think most people have had to deal with them at some point and what makes them so frustrating is that you are dealing with them in spite of the fact that the women involved are far too old to behave that way. But I guess being snotty and snobby has no age restrictions.

You may have run into them at play dates, at stores, on websites and in my case... PTAs!

Some of those women are such a tight knit group of bitches gals that are too ignorant and self absorbed refuse to consider anyone else's thoughts, ideas and, in many cases, feelings. They think they run the school because they are "PTA Presidents or Chair Members" but it's a Mommy Mafia. You don't get in unless someone vouches for you. They say what happens and what doesn't and on whose terms. Honestly the majority of power lies within their own minds but that doesn't stop them from alienating everyone outside of their group.

I always try to include everyone, friend or not, even when I'm out with my close pals. I have been on the "outside" and I know breaking in can be hard and awkward. I also realize that sometimes it takes a person several meetings with a person or group of people to find your spot and relationships don't happen all at once. But I don't confuse a close group of friends as a clique.