Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scrappy Initial

Here is a very cute wall decoration I made for B. It was super cute, easy and pretty cheap to make, especially if you have extra material and some spare scrapbook embellishments around.

What you need is:
-1 hot glue gun (and about 1 glue stick for it)
-floral wire
-scraps of fabric in your choice of color cut to about 1/2 inch wide. For her whole name I used about 10 strips each about 1 yard long.
-wire cutters to trim excess floral wire
-embellishments. I used bright colored yarn, buttons, brads, flowers and made a butterfly out of printed card stock and a pipe cleaner.

1. Form the wire into desired shape. You can do an initial or full name or any word of you choice.
2. Hot glue one strip of fabric to the wire and begin wrapping the fabric around the wire. When you get to the end glue it to the wire and start again with next strip.
3. Embellish however you like. I use brads to go on flowers I had and stuck those on. I also used large square brads and a button. I used bright yarn scraps to wrap around the wire in some spots.

Get creative with it. Make a smaller one to jazz up a folder or scrapbook page. Have fun with it.

And now I have to give out props for the idea. Yes I hate to say it was not all mine. Being a crafter I believe in giving credit where credit is due so I am proud to say I stole this idea from Family Fun magazine who got the idea from Lauren Brandy author of . Below is the article from the magazine.

I of course made a few changes and tweaked it a bit. I didn't wrap my wire in paper and did the full name instead of the first initial so feel free to make any changes you'd like. Maybe instead of writing the name out in cursive like I did you want to do each letter separately? It's all about being creative. I'm already thinking of how to change it up for the next one I do for D!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Well 2010 is here and I am very excited.

Last year was rough. Particularly the last 6 months. Having dealt with being victims of a crime, the death of several family members, my mom being diagnosed with cancer, the hospitalization and surgeries for both my husband and baby and the on going care for the baby and all the bills that have piled up it has been hard.

But I am determined to enter this new year with a positive attitude and do my absolute best to leave the negativity behind me. I know this may be easier said then done but the purpose of a New Years Resolution is to resolve yourself to do something. Here is what I resolve:

I will do more for charity because I know that even when I have been at my lowest I still had many blessings. I also want to return the kindness and support people have given me through these tough times by paying it forward and being there for others.

I will appreciate every day more because I have found that you never know when you may leave this life and the worst thing to have is regrets.

I will dedicate myself to my business because my family needs me and I will not let them down.

I will tell my friends and family how much they mean to me every chance I get.

I will be happy. I will do my best to make others happy and I will instill the value of happiness in my children and those around me.

I will be the best wife, mother and person I can be.

It's 2010.... What will you do?
I wish you all lots of love and an amazing new year.