Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Parenting Expert?

There is no such thing as a parenting expert. It honestly gets me made when people seriously refer to themselves as a parenting expert. Especially when they are self proclaimed parenting experts. It's almost as bad when they have some degree or certificate backing them up.

You mean to tell me you have a degree in child psychology but no kids? I should definitely take everything you say as fact!

Oh, you think my child with sensory processing disorder should just "deal"  with the itchy tag in her shirt so she learns to handle problems on her own? You must have learned that from raising your own child who has no special needs.

Often these "experts" are just moms. Maybe they write a blog, or contribute to a website, work in a field where they disperse their parenting expertise on the masses or just stay home with their kids and feel they have mastered this whole motherhood gig. But just because you have become an expert in your field or just your household doesn't mean you know any more about kids than I do. And me writing this certainly doesn't mean I know more than you!

I started a website because unlike some experts who think they know everything about parenting and being a mom... I realized that all moms have wisdom to share. Tampa Bay Moms Group was created because all moms are experts in their field even if they are not all knowing. And sure... I've given out my fair share of advice and tips on the website and tv but I also know that my experience in being a mom comes from being a mom to my kids and what I have learned and used (and in some cases used and decided never to try again) from books and other professionals, especially other moms!

I've become a "parenting expert". Ironic isn't it. But I will be the first to admit... I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I may have parenting experience. I may have information that you may not know about or advice ands wisdom to share... but I'd wager you do too.

No two kids are exactly alike. No two parents "mother" the exact same way. What works for one may not work for another.

My point is... I may be referred to as a Parenting Expert... but I am no more one that any other mom who is doing her best for her kids and continually tries to improve. And any mom who thinks they are an expert is probably not pursuing improvement in lieu of believing they already know it all and if that's the case you are no expert at all.