About Me

I am a married busy mom of three from toddler to teen! I joke around and say I'm a professional mom since I really do this for a living. Don't get me wrong, I'm no expert. I just do the best I can.
My oldest daughter is special needs so I am very involved in her school and causes that help children with different abilities.
I have been a working mom, stay at home mom, work from home mom, step mom, dance mom, team mom, troop mom and more but no matter how you describe it I am always a Mom and it is the best and most important job I have ever had. 

Though I have been doing this mom gig for over 14 years there are times even I need help. And there are also times when my experience can help other moms.

That’s why I created www.tampabaymomsgroup.com (or TBMG)! It is the largest local forum for moms in the Tampa Bay area. I started TBMG to help moms make connections with other moms and to give them a venue where they can give advice and get support. Over the years the site has grown and evolved into an amazing community and provides it members and followers with so many features from playdates, local event calendars, giveaways, special interest groups and much more.

Thanks to TBMG I have been featured on Daytime on WFLA and being given a weekly spot on WTSP Channel 10's Mom Squad where I give real advice and opinions from a real mom. It's not always the best advice and my opinions may not always be crowd pleasers but all I can be is me.

I enjoy crafts, reading and music. I'm addicted to tea and yoga. I love learning new things. I tend to be sarcastic and feisty and I am very opinionated. Above all I love to laugh especially with my family!

You can follow me on twitter @steffany813 or email me at steffany813@gmail.com  

You can check out Tampa Bay largest parenting forum by going to www.tampabaymomsgroup.com, or connect with me by email steffany813@tampabaymomsgroup.com, like TBMG on facebook and follow it on twitter!