Monday, June 21, 2010

Got Cake?

Here are some pictures I took of my cakes:

This cake is from my baby's 1st birthday. It is 2 layers covered in fondant with a chocolate molded Elmo popping out.

This was a cake I did for my family reunion. It is not really cake. I did the cake part as a brownie and covered in fondant. From the branches hanging along with fondant leaves are cookies with the faces of our family piped from royal icing.

This cake was form my oldest kids birthday that had a carnival theme. The icing covering the cake and the figures are made from fondant and some of the details are buttercream. Every layer was a different flavor so each kid had their favorite included.

This is a cake with a basket weave pattern piped with buttercream and flowers made from royal icing.

Fondant cakes... But I gotta give props to my sister in law Nora:

Nora jumps in and helps me whenever I need a hand with a cake. She is such a whiz with fondant, especially figurines.


  1. OMG you are a cake QUEEN.
    I wish I were that talented :(

  2. LOL, you are Echo! Plus I'd be happy to teach you!

  3. love your cakes, I'm going to attempt a big top cake and was wondering how you made the top triangular cake part before you covered it in fondant?

  4. I responded to your email. In case anyone reads this and wonders... I actually used a birdhouse from a craft store. I hate using non-edible items on cakes but when you are crunched for time and can't mold and shave rice crispys you tend to get creative! Thanks!