Friday, October 15, 2010

I put a hole in my conch.

Yeah you heard me, I put a hole in my conch. Ok, now that I made it sound dirty let me explain...

I've been down in the dumps. I was having one of my manic episodes and it's going over to the dark side... the depression side.  Thank God for good friends to help pull you out of it (or at least try very hard).

So my bff Robin knows it has been a bit of a roller coaster lately for me. D had another MRSA outbreak, B has had problems at school, and there has been various random bits of drama going on. So for medical reasons with D and a lack of desire to see anyone I was a shut-in for a while. Well now that I am going out and still down in the dumps Robin says: "You need to do something just for you. Go get your hair done."

While the idea isn't bad I just don't perk up from a hair appointment. It's probably because the stylist always screws it up and I have to come home to fix it and that just irks the hell out of me. So since I'm not a big fan of the mani/pedi either because I am to lazy and busy to go regularly to keep it up I decide to do something that always makes me feel better. I am going to get another piercing.

I love piercings. At the risk of giving TMI, I have had almost every part of my body pierced. But over time I have taken out a lot of them. Either due to medical reasons (nose ring and allergies, tongue ring and gum damage, etc) or practicality. At my age there are just some places that you don't need a barbell.

I still have my bellybutton ring, my eyebrow ring and my ears. I had 5 (3 on the lower lobe, 1 on the top cartilage and a tragus) in my left ear and 4 (3 on the lobe and 1 on the top) in my right... until today.

And to mark the occasion I used this as my first video upload for the blog!!! So my video skills are lacking (and so are Robins) but we did what we could. So here you go folks. Enjoy.

Oh, and please don't anyone get flippy because we took the kids with us. We made it sound like they were alone in a lobby in the video because Robin and I are sarcastic and snotty about acting like negligent parents. They were supervised for the entire 3 minutes it took to get the piercing. I also want to add D said she wants an earring on her tongue and held out her tongue. I was so proud. But don't worry, I told her not until she is 3. And she'd have to quit smoking first.

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