Sunday, February 21, 2010

I hate TVs In Vehicles!

I have to get this off my chest.


I can understand turning on a TV for your child's entertainment during a road trip that takes AT LEAST AN HOUR. But popping on a DVD as you take a 15 minute jaunt to school at 7:30? Or make a 10 minute drive to the store?

Really? Tell your children to look out the window. Ask them to find "punch-buggies" or heaven forbid play an educational game! Can you see something that starts with the letter P? Play the opposite game, or sing a silly song.

It's almost a right of passage for children to play "I spy" or sing some annoying song. You can even let them ride in silence. Let them be alone with their own thoughts for a few moments. Or keep a book or comic in the car for them to read.

Now if Mom has a bad headache and just needs some peace and quiet I can understand putting it on for a quick trip on that rare occasion but for those people that use them they do it so they don't have to be bothered. And if you have to put on a dvd how about something educational? Heck even Sesame Street is better then Yu-Gi-O. Or get yourself a CD you and your kids can all sing to!

It is outrageous to put on a TV in the car just so you don't have to deal with your children on a quick drive. They get enough tv from home and everywhere else. Let them look out the window and see the world. It may not be as exciting as watching Cars at first but it is better in the long run.

(And for the moms I have offended in this Sorry but I can't change the way I feel about this.)

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  1. Hi...just found you while I was searching for blogs in the Tampa area and I had to comment. We used to play the alphabet game with our kids all the's how we realized one of our daughters needed glasses. Poor thing, she used to lose the game every single time and we realized it was because she couldn't see the letters on the signs. We never would have known...well, not never, but it would probably have been much later, if we'd parked her in front of the TV all the time. :-)