Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Yes, today is my birthday. I am... 29!!! This is the last year of me being in my 20s and I am not too thrilled about that but what can you do?

I didn't really tell anyone today was my birthday prior to today for a few reasons.
1. If people know it's your birthday they may try to make a big deal out of it.
2. If people know it's your birthday and they don't do anything about it you feel like crap.
3. If you tell everyone the day of your birthday that it's your birthday then they don't feel obligated to do much for you except wish you a happy birthday and you can't be mad if anyone forgot it since you didn't bring it up.

I know it's juvenile but really my husband and my mom are the only people who have never forgotten my birthday so each year it's also like a game to see who will remember on their own. My dad has birthday dyslexia and even though he called me this morning to say happy birthday he usually calls on the 7th or the 9th. I don't know why but it's always a day off.

We aren't really doing anything for my birthday. Yesterday we left the kids with my dad so we could go to Cracker Barrel (I am obsessed with their home style fried chicken on Sundays) and to see the movie RED (which was pretty good), and then did some Christmas shopping. Do I know how to party or what?

Today I will be hanging out at the house since I have no plans and will spend my first day as a 29 year old cleaning. I am a party animal!!!

That's about it. Oh, I did get a pretty cute card from B. She made it herself from her and the family. Check it out:

It is supposed to read: Happy Birthday. Love, Your kids, Boyfriend James, B, D and A.
I asked why she called daddy my boyfriend and she said she didn't know how to spell husband. I asked why she didn't just say daddy and she said she didn't want me to think it was from her Abuello (my dad).
Well, there is a bit of logic to that. LOL.

She copied this from a High School Musical birthday card she was given.  This is supposed to say:
Today is the day. The scene has been set for a blockbuster birthday so step into the spotlight, it's your day to shine. Mom. She got a lot of points for thinking of copying a card. I thought it was cute.

And the back of the card once again let's me know that it's for me (twice) and it's from my kids and boyfriend. This card is totally being scrapbooked! 


  1. Happy Birthday my love! After you clean I hope you take a little time to relax and enjoy your day. The 30's really aren't that bad- it's the 40's that scare me! Love and miss you much.

  2. You have a wonderful blog! If you are interested in family pictures for Christmas/Holiday cards I will be hosting a $50 mini-session this Saturday at Sand Key Park. I would LOVE to take pictures of your adorable family. This is my website: My email is

  3. Hope you had a great birthday! What a memorable card =)

  4. Steffany- that card is amazing!