Monday, November 1, 2010

So much has been going on... But Happy Late Halloween!!!

I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to think, let alone blog and I think that may be why I have felt so frazzled. So let's play a quick game of catch up...

For starters B was put on some new meds. The Vyvance didn't seem to be working how it should (the side effects were no fun either). The neurologist has put her on Concerta. We are a week in and I think it's working but I thought that last time. Keep your fingers crossed that this chill pill will hit the spot.

One of my favorite kids places closed down. It was pretty sad but D and I did end up on a news interview from it which is worth a little bit of a laugh. You can check out the written story here or view the video interview here. And of course there is a discussion going on about it on you can check out here.

Well I won't bore you with every detail that has popped up but I will show off the kids since Halloween just passed.

We took the crew to Zoo Boo at Lowry Park. D actually went in all the haunted houses and ...
SO DID B!!! She's not usually into being scared but she walked through all of them and even though she shrieked several times and I still have nail marks on my hand from her gripping it so tight she said she was proud of herself for doing it, and I was pretty darn proud too.

Here we have D and Daddy. She wasn't too sure about those spider webs.

 And here is D and me. Of course I couldn't get the big kids to stand still long enough for a  photo with me in it but at least there is a picture of me. I am rarely seen in photos. I am the Yeti of the Neely family. You may catch a glimpse of me but photographic proof I exist is so rare this picture may be worth something.

While we were at Zoo Boo D decided she wanted to go on a pony ride. Since she is finally big enough to go I stood in the worlds longest line with the other kids (A didn't want to ride because apparently he is too cool be we made it sound like his sister needed him so he did it... for her of course. LOL). I am allergic to ponies, and horses (and many other things) so by the time it was our turn my throat was itching, my nose was dripping, my eyes were burning and I was sneezing and making sounds I can't even describe. Well when we got up there D decided she was terrified of the same ponies she had oohed and awed over for the last 45 minutes so I had to take her out of the line. The other kids rode at least. And between you and me I think D planned the whole thing in advance that sneaky brat!

Here are the kids at the pumpkin patch. After 50 tries this was the best shot I could get of all 3.

And here is what the did with the pumpkins... with a little help from dad. B's is the biggest, A's is the medium and D's is the little one. We actually ended up forgetting to set them out. Duh!

I had to throw in a picture of D's BFF, Karli. Sure she isn't one of mine but she was so cute dressed as a "Bat Girl".

Here is D. She was a bumble bee obviously but the funny thing is after we bought the costume she decided she wanted to be Dora the Explorer. Well we couldn't take it back and even if we could I probably wouldn't have so we told her it was a "Dora Bumble Bee". After that she wore the outfit with pride. Sucker! 

A was Leftovers. We wrapped him in aluminum foil, gave him goggles out of sauce cups, a hat in the shape of a swan and a cape made out of a Chili's To Go bag. Most kids didn't get it but the adults loved it. We actually had people stop to take pictures with him.  

B was a Queen. She doesn't get too crazy or creative. Pretty much every year is a princess, queen or fairy. She is such a girly-girl but I still love her.  

We had some friends bring their kids over to trick or treat.

Here is D the Bee, Ayla as Tinkerbell and Sleeping Beuty Maggie all being lazy and getting chauffeured from house to house. They had such a good time. Once again I couldn't get the older ones to hold still long enough for a photo.  

And that brings us to today. I am trying to free up my schedule and get back to doing things I love... like blogging and crafts.



  1. Everyone looks so darn cute!!! Love Halloween pics!

  2. Love your halloween pics, everyone looks so cute :)