Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big boys do cry.

I don't ever seriously refer to my husband as macho. It's not that he is a sissy or anything but he just doesn't come off as a tough guy. I actually am fine with this. I have dated tough guys and macho men and obviously that didn't work for me. I am crazy about James. He is no pussy, he flexes and it turns me on. Even though he isn't muscular when he shows off "the guns" there is a bit of a cut and I think it is super sexy. I often (half) jokingly tell him to ask where the gym is (ala' Chris Farley from Tommy Boy).

But even though you never just feel testosterone radiating from James he is a man. Except when he watches movies. He is a movie weeper!!! It's crazy because he just doesn't really cry. People he knows die and he doesn't shed a tear, ET goes home and he bawls. I see a sad news story on TV and I get misty eyed but even I don't cry like he does. The biggest causes of his leaky tear ducts have been The Notebook (and yes I cried at this), Big Fish, The Time Travelers Wife, The Bridge to Tarabithia, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and those are only the ones I can think of right now.

And even though I never wanted him to be some tough guy or a macho man... is it weird it creeps me out when I see him cry? I know, I suck. I am an insensitive bitch but it just is freaky. I wish he'd just remove his tampon and suck it up and I actually have told him that before.

I know girls should want a sensitive man but I don't, but I do have something to pick on him for that offers me an immense amount of amusement. Then I can walk around the house signing my version of "Big Girls Don't Cry" aptly altered to "Big Boys Do Cry".

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