Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cyndi Edwards from Daytime motivated me to blog! (Again)

Today I recorded my segment for Daytime.  First of all let me say that I just LOVE going on. Cyndi is just so amazing. I adore her. And Jerry (who skipped out to have fun in L.A.) is a hoot!

But today it was just Cyndi and I. And the only bad part is the show will feature lots of models for a Tampa Fashion Week feature. So here I am surrounded by 80lb, 7' tall models. Nothing makes you feel sexy and thin like being surrounded by 20 something's who get paid to be gorgeous. It's hard to believe I ever came close to looking like them... but on the bright side... they should hope to look like me in 10 years after popping out a few kids. (Sour grapes anyone?)

So I'm feeling no so hot and here comes the cherry on top... literally. Cyndi walks out looking positively stunning in red! I probably complimented her 20 times. She was absolutely gorgeous! She could have been up there with those models no problem. And here I sat in my belly fat hiding blouse, mom jeans and ballet flats (because I just can't wrangle kids in heels).

Any way... today was pretty much the format as all the times before. I answer real questions from real moms. Simple right? But as Cyndi did my introducntion she mentioned my blog... My Handmade Life by Steffany813. Eeekkk!!!!

I have been so terribly bad about keeping up with this! She told be that she loved it and of course I was sincerely flattered but I told her what a absolute slacker I was about psoting here. It's not that I don't love it but I just don't have a lot of time and with Tampa Bay Moms Group growing so fast and other endevours I am dabbling it... well... my blog has fallen by the wayside.

But since it will be mentioned on Friday (10am on WFLA's Daytime if anyone cares to watch) I better freshen this puppy up!

SO here I am... I am blogging. I am posting. Yeah me!!!

I better keep it cracking too. Thanks Cyndi for giving me a swift kick in the butt to be a little better about my blog! (No pressure!)