Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Holiday Buzz is Messing Up my Brain!

Yesterday was one of those "frazzled" days. I lost my wedding ring as I was putting it on. After a search I located it inside my diet coke can. I wish I could blame the baby but this one was all me. I also developed a case of schizophrenia because not only did I think either the kids or dogs were stealing candy canes off my tree but I also sniffed all their mouths and searched the house for the missing candy canes. Apart from taking the remaining candy canes off the tree to inventory just how many have gone missing there was little I could do. James assured me they were all on the tree and all I can do is hope they aren't because I would have looked like an insane Candy Can Nazi for nothing. Any who...

Every year in early November I get this "Holiday Buzz". My head is filled with ideas about all the holiday crafts I will be doing with the kids, notions of all the intellectually enriching activities we will take part in during the breaks from school and visions of the family smiling as we hug each other with hot coco in our hands singing carols by the tree as snow gently falls outside. Ok, the fact that I am in FLORIDA and have never seen snow should be the first clue that my holiday buzz is a warped delusion and is going to fizzle out.

Well, today is December 1st. Sure we had some fun during the Thanksgiving but I didn't even get to one craft with the kids nor did I even finish any of the projects I started myself. Knowing that I barely have time to read a book unless I am hiding in the bathroom especially with D running around should have have given me a clue that yet again I am letting my ideas exceed my abilities. So with this in mind why did I decide to hand make every one's gifts this year? I have not 1, not 2, but 3 scrapbook calendars to put together! 2 blankets to make! A jewelery set to create! Several hair bows to make! A hat and matching scarf to knit! 2 sets of gloves to knit! You know what I have gotten completed so far? NOTHING! EEK!!!

I'm trying not to panic but in my over zealous delusional "Holiday Buzz" I bought the supplies for all this crap well over a month ago so now I'm committed. I can see the plans of fun outings during the holiday break slipping away. I envision me hunched over my dining room table with fabric, cutting boards and glue guns sprawled all over the counters as my kids complain of boredom but I can't stop or else someone one will be missing a Christmas gift.

Why do I do this to myself? I do it all the time. At holidays, birthdays, you name it. I get these ideas and a misconceived notion that I am supermom and can do it all with ease all the while finally getting D potty trained...and it never works out that way. Yet in spite of this I never fail to try again.

Albert Einstein "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". It's times like this that I replay that quote over and over in my head. Maybe I am insane but at least I can say it is with the best of intentions.

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  1. You'll get it finished! Make a schedule, list, write it on the calendar, use stickies. I believe in you!!!