Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's just how I deal...

I deal with most things that bother or upset me with sarcasm and humor. I make jokes that tend to be out of place and inappropriate but it's just how I deal and I try not to do it at the expense of someones feelings.

Right now I am very upset. If you don't follow the blog then you may not know that my 2 year old suffers from MRSA. She has boils right now.

We get an outbreak and she get boils in her nether regions mostly but they have been getting bolder and moving north with some being near the belly button, stomach and chest. But generally they generally hang out in the diaper area on her butt cheek and near her va-jay-jay.

She's had surgeries and it's just something she will have to deal with. Yes you can die from MRSA. It's scary. It worries me. We have had a few close calls already but we deal with it.

So in addition to taking care of her during her outbreaks I also make snarky comments to her. (Hey, she's 2 she doesn't have a clue what I'm saying.)

I have opened her diaper and cried "Mickey Rourke? Oh, no that's just D's booty!" Yes, it's that scared and marked up.

I told James maybe it's a misdiagnosis. Maybe it's not MRSA but she is such a rotten brat all that badness is building up and oozing out from the boils.

I have told friends that the one good thing about MRSA is I am pretty sure she can't get a job in the Adult film industry because no one would pay to see a tush that messed up.

My oldest is special needs. I pick on her a little too. When she does something completely goofy and dumb we say, "It's ok. You're pretty."

When she one day tried to count and started with "A, B, C... oh wait..." we laughed and now ask her to count all the way to Z for us.

I have tons. Maybe them being exposed to my loving sarcasm will better prepare them for kids who when they say things about their differences will do it with the intent to hurt but maybe it won't.

 But when I make a joke whether it's funny or not it brings humor into the equation where often it wasn't before. And with even a bit of humor my mood is lightened and I smirk (even smile) on occasion.

So if I make jokes please try not to judge me and don't think it's because I am insensitive. It's just how I deal. It means I care.

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