Thursday, February 17, 2011

High School Chorus Shirts...Wow... Just Wow!

I have seen a lot of whacked out shirts before but this one for Chamberlain High School is up there on the list of worst... but in a very amusing way.

Critiquing it is not a challenge. It's so easy in fact it's hardly worth doing... But I'm going to anyway because I'm childish.

Let's start off with the teacher plastering a picture of himself on the back. Really? Do you honestly think kids want to walk around with your mug on their clothing with the little speak bubble saying "Be there!"? And is that the best slogan you can come up with? Just kinda crappy if you ask me. It's like he wasn't even trying. Or maybe he was trying.. trying to piss the kids off with this dorky shirt. But moving right along...

The slogan for this shirt is "School House Rock" which is represented by the two rocks on the front of the shirt singing. But as you can see here a better slogan would be "Rock Hard Nips". What were they thinking? Putting two cartoon rocks right on the breast portion of the shirt? I feel like her boobs are talking to me and it's creeping me out! No wonder the rocks are singing... they got to second base. It's hard not to stare at them and since the shirts are for high school kids it dirty to. Sad thing is I don' tknow if this was intentional.  

So let's recap... this chorus instructor hates his students and has punked them all with his shirt design. Ha ha losers... now wear it and sing!


  1. LMAO Seriously!!!!!!!!!! You killed me with this! This is a real shirt?????

  2. It is a real shirt for a Tampa high school. I can't say who gave me the photos but I have to thank them for a great laugh!!!

  3. i think I would just die if my kid had to wear this - it would be very hard not to make jokes about it.

  4. Unfortunately yes, this is a real shirt. And since it was my 14 yr old daughter who had to wear it, no I was not happy. I think this was part of the reason my mother-in-law didn't go to the concert. Many of the parents were upset and a lot of the girls didn't want to wear them. On the teacher who designed this, the rocks were more at stomach level but as you saw in the picture, for most of the girls the rocks sat right on their boobs. It doesn't bother me at all that my daughter will not be going to Chamberlain next year.