Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I had to give this kid money!

I have been known to give a dollar or two to the panhandlers on the corners but this kids sign was so amusing to me that I gave him a whopping $3!!!
During a single red light me and my kids watched him get money from 3 different cars. I offered him money too in exchange for a photo of the sign. He held it up and smiled and I took the shot on my phone. I felt bad because this kid looks about 16 at the max and obviously is witty. Even though the sign made me chuckle the idea of this kid on a corner breaks my heart but who knows... he may be opting to stand around with this sign instead of working at McDonalds and if that's the case I'd wager he's making a good bit more on his corner then he would behind a deep fryer. .

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