Friday, October 28, 2011

B's Dance

Tonight was B's first School Dance.

She's been excited about it for weeks and we are going all out. Sweet n Sassy did her hair and it looked amazing. Here's some shots of my girl!

Since the Dance was her Fall Dance they could dress up. She was "Little Red Riding Hood".

But she loved her hair and makeup so much she didn't even wear her hood and I can't blame her! 

This is the back of her hair. They did a great job and she loved every second of being pampered.  

I was really very proud of myself. I tend to not let B have my freedom so initially I was going to chaperon the dance. But I realized in my attempts to "protect" B I tend to nag. Like when she dances or gets a little wild I'm quick to reign her in. Since I know my tendency is to try and save her (sometimes from herself) and in that I keep her from just being herself and having a good time I thought I would send James as my Proxy. Daddy is good at giving her more leeway without letting things get crazy. But then I started to think about it...

My kid's so sheltered. This is a dance at the school. The school specializes in dealing with kids who are unique. These are all her teachers and they know her pretty well since they are around her almost as much as I am. Every other parent was staying at the dance so there was no lack of supervision. She knows the emergency numbers. She should be fine. So I decided to just drop her off.

Ok, so I walked her in and spoke to the principal first (baby steps) but once we walkedthrough the doors and she heard the Cha Cha Slide song playing she was off and in the middle of the dance floor without a kiss goodbye.

Of course I snapped some photos but I let her go. As I went to leave and I turned to give her one last look I was her jumping around, dancing crazy and making a spectacle of herself. Every instinct I had was to run up to her and tell her to bring it down a few notches before the other kids noticed her wild flailing but I stopped myself. It only took a moment to see that the other kids barely noticed and those who did got their boogy on right along with her. The wilder she got the wilder they got and as the booty shaking grew so did the smiles. She was grinning ear to ear and so were the rest of the kids.

She wasn't being mocked, or made fun of. She was just very B... dancing like she always does, off beat without a care in the world. No worries of being judged because in her own mind she's a star. It's just how she is. She doesn't think, she just acts. She gets a notion and goes with it and that was what she was doing... only without me there to stop her. I was letting go and giving her a chance to let it go. I wasn't letting my fears ruin her fun and it was hard to be honest.

As she danced she didn't think about steps or what anyone thought. She was just having fun and if others joined her great... if not... great. She was happy and even though I was still worried I walked out of the room smiling and a little jealous because I can't just dance like that.

No matter what B deals with in her life and with the things she has to overcome she approaches it with a song in her head and she just dances. Without worry or care and even though that can sometimes cause problems it often gives her a freedom that I don't think most people ever really feel.

When I picker her up she was glowing. She had a an amazing time and danced non-stop. Sure she probably danced off beat and maybe she looked crazy to anyone who didn't see just how beautiful her dancing is but who cares? Not her.

I wish we all could dance like B.


  1. When you have one of your "I'm a shitty mom" days, I want you to come back and read this post. Well done my friend.

  2. I never had the chance to meet your daughter before. She looks so much like you! I love how they did her hair and makeup! I think all little (and big) girls need a little pampering once and a while. :-D