Friday, October 28, 2011

Do clothes make the Mom?

I'm not a fashionista or anything like that. Honestly shopping sometimes gives me panic attacks. I'm usually a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. There's a reason for it...

Aside from the face that for no reason at all I always feel a smidgen of guilt when buying things for myself... There are few things as stressful as trying to wiggle into a pair of skinny jeans that are about 2 sizes too small for you in every place on your lower half except your flat rear end, while trying to tuck your muffin top into the waistband as your toddler climbs under the dressing room door giving the lady next to you a heart attack. Sure, she says my kid's cute and it's "ok" but I know she's thinking my child should be on a leash. And if there is a big sale going on... EVEN WORSE. So I don't usually shop...

But every so often my husband gets me a pair of ridiculously fabulous shoes that are too outstanding to go unworn. Obviously with my aversion to shopping this can present a problem when constructing an outfit. So I must shop.

I go early and don't usually try anything on in store (for the previously stated reasons) and I can actually deal very well with the experience on occasion. And even though often the process of shopping in and of itself can suck... getting new clothes makes me fell all warm and gooey inside. And I am a sucker for a deal.

So when hubby bought me this amazing pair of shoes in a half size too small I had to exchange them. But when I did they were on sale so I got a credit. Now it seemed a waste not to use the credit. In fact since the shoes were a gift it would be down right rude not to get the full value out of the gift right? (At least that's what I told myself.) So I bought another pair of shoes equally as fantastic. But now what the hell would I wear them with... my "mommy clothes"? You know, the "comfy so they can't possibly look good" jeans and a shirt that has some long ago set stains that could be coffee or poop. (I'm hoping for coffee.) Oh, or maybe the sweats that I think make me look like I just came from the gym (except my flabby gut proves that's not the case and I was just too lazy deal with buttons).

So I shopped. And for a person who generally doesn't like shopping, once I get going I am iinsatiable. And I'm a good shopper too. I coupon, have membership cards that give discounts and cash back rewards, email subscriptions with special offers... you name it. So I on this last trip I bought over $200 in clothes for under $10... and also got $80 in rewards cash to use next month. Good deal right?

And they are all trendy and I look smoking hot in them! So I've been dressing up. Even when I'm going to story time at the library. Or taking the kids to dance. I am in 5 inch heels, skinny jeans and some blouse that is baggy enough to hide what my spanx is struggling to contain but fashionable enough to not look like that's what I'm going for. Sure... it's kind of false advertising but hubby knows what lies under the skinny jeans, control top panties and body shaping tanks... and he doesn't care! He thinks I ohot in the new duds (even though he says he prefers me without... or anything).

And even though I love the fanfare he's putting on each day when he sees me in these slutty shoes and skin tight jeans I love how I feel in them. I feel hot! I am taking more time doing my hair and makeup. Hell, I'm even considering shaving above the knee! I feel sexy and attractive and sometimes a little insecure when I notice a teen wearing a similar outfit that I have on while dragging my toddler around but I get over it.

Do clothes make the mom? No, not really. I am just as good (or bad) a mom no matter what I wear. But I will say that Clothes Make the MILF (even if it's in my own mind).

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