Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm a writer.

I'm not a "blogger".

I'm a writer. I've writen tons of short stories and done freelance work. I love to write.

But this blog is different. I'm not looking at it as a blog. I'm looking at it as a tool for my writing and my book. Let me explain...

See, I started (TBMG) to help myself and other moms connect.

I'm a mom to three amazing kids. But I didn't know it all (and I still don't). I really just wanted a place where I could go to get, and when possible give, advice. 

So I created TBMG and used my mommy friends as a sounding board for the ideas and features for it. With the help of my founding members TBMG was born and in the last few years has grown to be the largest social forum of it's kind in Tampa Bay.

So as the site grew so did our "fan base" and I began to get emails from fans, not just in Tampa Bay but from all over the US. Some were personal. So personal they didn't want to post on the site (even though they could remain relatively anonymous). I was being asked for parenting advice. Me! The person who created a site so she could get advice and support.

After a while the media picked up on the site. Thanks to TBMG I have been featured on Daytime   WFLA where I give Advice for Moms by Moms and been asked to join WTSP Channel 10's Mom Squad  where I along with two other moms give a moms opinion on a wide range of topics.

I have been so blessed to be able to share what I know and even more blessed to continue to learn.

My advice and opinions may not always be right. They often are humorous and a little off the wall. In fact sometimes they may be down right scary. But they are mine.

And I hope that people take this blog just as that. A fun and entertaining and dare I hope... informative take on parenting and things that come up in the life of a mom or just a moms eye view of different topics. Oh and if you learn something or want to teach me a thing or two, even better.