Sunday, April 18, 2010

Camping... What a Trip!

Well, we are back from out camping trip and what an adventure!

We decided to go camping for 3 days because we really wanted a vacation but didn't have tons of money to spend. Funny thing is,... camping is not so cheap. After buying food, supplies and paying the camping fee we could have stayed overnight at an Orlando hotel and gone to a theme park. But wait there's more!

We get to the camp site and it is a parking lot!!! It was for RVs. There was no shaded areas and the area we had was about 4 feet from the next camper. Well we can't let the kids hang out in a RV parking lot especially with no shelter from the sun (darn Irish husband) so we tried to find a more rustic site. Well they had some called "primitive" sites but they were a mile hike to get to. With a truck filled to the brim and 3 kids that wasn't happening. They did however have cabins available but they were pricey. So at this point we decided to go home would be an even bigger waste so we shelled out the extra dough and got the cabin which was beautiful! We decided to make the most of this trip no matter what and were doing a decent job. The kids played and D tried to run into the campfire and even though the baby was a handful things went ok until my son got sick Friday night (about 6 hours after we got there). He vomited for 24 hours straight! When he finally started feeling better it was time to go home. If nothing else we got a lot of memories (both good and bad). Funny thing is though had we not gotten the cabin we would have had to leave anyway with a sick kid and were it not for the cabin I don't know what we would have done with the baby. (Aren't kids and animals supposed to have a natural fear of fire?) So good and bad things worked out as good as they could.

Why did we pack so much stuff? If only we had known we would have been in a cabin!

Roughing it? Only if you call a full kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, wraparound porch with 2 entries overlooking a lake rough with full electric and ac rough.

Fun around the fire:

My men and the grill:

Getting dirty and getting clean and having fun:

What a very sick boy looks like when on vacation:

Not too bad a time:

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