Tuesday, April 13, 2010

YMCA Pool - Spring Break

Today we all went to the YMCA water park. While there I got hit on by the teenage lifeguard. Now I realize I am not the thin hottie I used to be so I don't have this happen too often anymore but seriously?!?

I am at the pool with my 3 kids, wedding rings on, looking as unavailable as possible. The lifeguard, after starring and circling for a while (to the point where even my son mentions him staring at me) comes up and says he wants to ask me a question. I know I looked irritated and I was because my toddler was leaning into the kiddie pool area which is only a foot deep but still water so she needs an eye on her. So after he stutters and stumblers he finally asks "Where did you get that diaper bag?". Ok, so I have not been on the dating seen for a while so maybe this is the way you attract a "cougar" but I found it creepy. I looked at him and said "Try Target" and as I glanced back at my baby she was face down in the water trying to roll over.

I jump in (the freezing water) grab her and she is sputtering and spitting everywhere. As I hold her and dry her off the lifeguard is still hovering around me practically violating my territorial bubble. Finally after his next attempts at conversation and his hovering were ignored he moved on. He didn't talk to me again but he kept staring. It was weird.

D was fine but much more cautious of the water after that. I got tons of pictures of her, the other two not so much since they would barely hold still but everyone had a good time... near death experiences aside.

(I swear they had more fun than this picture lets on.)

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