Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mosi - Spring Break

It's day 3 of spring break and our second day of fun. Today I took the kids and Abuella to MOSI. They loved it. (Those passes were such a great idea!)

They ran around looking at all the exhibits for the 100th time before getting lunch in the cafe. Then on to "Kids in Charge" which is such a cute area. Everything is geared toward kids and fun. They love it. Plus they recently built a playground just outside so while the older two were doing the astronaut experience D ran around the playground and threw mulch. I just wish that MOSI would take a hint from every other attraction type place and add a water area. They could use it to explain water pressure and power. But they haven't gotten a clue yet but other then that the place totally rocks.

Abuella and the kids tried to set up a domino rally while D was hellbent on knocking it over before they started.

And of course D threw one of her tantrums (what day would be complete without one?).

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