Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If I would stop letting jerks get to me my days would go a lot smoother.

I have to get this out because I am ticked off!

I am not a "salesman" so I do not "buy" email addresses from any kind of source. So suffice it to say if I have your email it is only because at some point in time you yourself emailed me. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY I WOULD GET YOUR EMAIL!

Now on rare occasions I may send out an email that I want as many people to receive as possible. This happens usually once a year for the March for Babies Walk. I walk and of course have to ask for donations. I send this email out once when I register for the walk and again the week of the walk (about 2 months apart least).

Now I will admit that recently with my baby in a contest needing votes I did send out an email asking for votes for her 3 times. This is the first year in which I have sent out a mass email to my contacts relating to anything other then the March of Dimes.

When I sent out these emails I went into my contacts and selected "All Contacts" because in my naivety I assumed that getting this amazing charity as much exposure as possible would be a good thing. I knew some addresses weren't even any good but rather then filter through them all I just let it rip. I also assumed that most people would be fine with getting an email for this and worse case scenario they would delete it if they had absolutely no interest in helping. No biggie right?

Wrong! Myriam (a women who has emailed me asking me for items for her own baby that my child has outgrown) and Jean (a teacher at my child's school) couldn't do that.
The first told me not to email her. Fine Myriam, when your baby needs something don't you dare ask me to "donate" or "sell low cost" anything to you. Anything I have (regardless of what you can use) will be donated to Hope Children's Home which is a wonderful charity that is very deserving and grateful.

The second said unless it is for school purposes don't contact her. Well since you are one of those parents that refuse to participate in class events and ignore correspondence or requests I won't even email you for those.

I am not saying everyone has to care about a charity because I do (even though this is one of the most amazing groups around in my opinion) but do you have to bean ass over it? Just delete the email and get on with your lives. Don't send snotty responses because even though I may not email you anymore, every known porn site may just get your email instead. (I am joking... for now.)

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