Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I hope this week gets better fast!

What a crazy start to the week. I had really high hopes starting this week out. You know, last week of summer... end vacation with a bang. I had this crazy idea that this week would run like clock work. We would finally get to the beach (something I have been promising the kids for months now) and I may even make it to yoga.

When I am wrong... I AM REALLY WRONG. If the last 2 days are any indication of how the rest of the week will go please forgive me while I climb into bed and hide.

It started yesterday with B deciding to shave her arms. I caught her halfway through the adventure so she is only half shaven but the damage was done. Yes I am going to be the jerk mom who makes her walk around with one hairy arm. I don't care. She shouldn't have shaved it.

Then my dog got sick all over the kitchen. That was fun. D has diarrhea... again. It resulted in an explosive diaper and it looks like she may be getting a boil. I really can't take another bout with MRSA right now so please pray for her (and me).

At Adrian's football practice I stepped in a red ant pile. It was great. I love feeling like my flesh is being burnt off by those venomous six legged little bastards. James says "Oh yeah, watch out for ants." Thanks for the warning JERK! I could have used it prior to stepping in a massive pile of carnivorous insects but hey, now I have these sexy puss filled bubbles all over my feet. It's a podophobic dream come true. Argh!

Then when we went to leave the field D threw such a fit it turned the 40 yard walk to the car into a 20 minute fight ending in me dragging her while she kicked and screamed and flailed. I love kids.

Today I decided to try to lay low and get some work done around the house but with my uterus wrenching cramps it took forever to get anything done because I would periodically be doubled over in pain. And I have 4 more days of womanly fun to go!!!

I did get a lot of laundry done but it took me 3 loads to realize that when I told B "Bring me some clothes to wash" I didn't specify DIRTY clothes so all her clean clothes got even cleaner. That was fun because I love doing laundry. Plus after I folded all her already clean clothes and asked her to put them away she shoved them all in a pile undoing all the folding I just did. Oh Joy.

I also found the only photograph of James and I on our 2nd wedding anniversary had been ruined. (One of the few pictures I have of me, not to mention with James on a special occasion and pregnant.) Turns out B decided to clean the picture with the abrasive Lysol Disinfecting Wipes. I can't get her to clean her room but she will scrub a photo? Seriously?

Since D can now climb out of her crib there is absolutely no containing this baby and thus no way to make her take a nap so she was a ball of sunshine. This is not a child who can go without a nap. By 3pm I was actually considering chaining both the girls out back onto the dogs tether and letting them run it out.

I am emotionally, mentally and physically drained and am fighting my depression and I am sure to some of those "Super Moms" out there this sounds like no big deal but to me it is just one shove after another getting me closer to that edge.

I cried so many times today. Especially when I yelled at B because even though she is driving me absolutely insane she can't always help it. I know I don't always know how to handle her and today I did a shitty job. I yelled and screamed and pounded counter tops and then got mad at myself and went to my room to cry and came out calm only to have it start all over again. Some days between her disabilities and my issues we just can't mesh.

I did cuddle with her and tell her I was sorry for how I acted and she said she was sorry for all the things she did and we both promised to have a better day tomorrow. Then I put her to bed and checked my email and saw my friend Tiffanie sent me this video and I smiled.

I just hope tomorrow will be better... or I will be wishing I was the guy in that car.


  1. Can the picture be taken to one of those places and "restored"?

    I'm sorry this week has been so rough! :(

    I feel you on the laundry. Lorelai does the same thing.

    <3 Wishing a happy, uneventful, calm Wednesday to you!

  2. Echo, that's what I was thinking. They can do some amazing things. Super Mom's aren't real. They only appear to be. Underneath they're just as screwed up as us...they're just better at hiding it. Hang in there till the next UP day, it'll get here eventually.