Monday, August 9, 2010

B's Chill Pill

I know I haven't been on here to blog in like a week. I have been swamped. Summer is winding down but everything else seems to be picking up. This includes doctor appointments and testing but we have made a little progress in the last couple of weeks I think.

B has been on her new medication for a little over a week. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

Since the doctor said they can't treat the cause of her problem we are treating the symptoms so she is in Vyvase which should help with her impulsivity and attention span. So far it seems to be working. She is calmer and is following directions better. But she also seems to be having mood swings. Not severe but just not her normal perky self. She seems a little moopey and not as affectionate as she normally is. Plus she hasn't been eating as much but that could have to do with her adjusting to her braces still.

She has been doing good (and so have I for that matter) about remebering to take what we jokingly call her "Chill Pill".

So as far as the pill being worth it, the jury is out. But I remain hopeful because I know even if it takes a while longer we will find something that will work and even if we don't we will do as we always have. We work with it and appreciate what we have.

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