Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm back... 2011 are you ready for me?

Not that I really went anywhere but with the kids out of school for Winter Break I was just too busy to blog or do much of anything really so I just took thing easy.

I'm actually pretty proud of myself. I got all my Christmas gifts completed and everyone seemed to really like their gifts. I also collected over 100 jacket and sweaters for Metropolitan Ministries. My amazing friends donated a toaster oven, food, clothes and gift cards and even Christmas presents to a family in need. I sent a check to The Children's Home and actually rounded it up from the $40.80 that my followers raised to $50.00 and since I budgeted a bit more to be donated then what we actually raised on this blog... I used the difference to purchase toys for Toys for Tots. And as a bonus I can say this was probably the best Christmas I have ever had.

Not just because we were able to give back and do more for those in need but also because everything went great. From getting all the gifts wrapped to cooking the perfect rib roast. We made Christmas cookies and decorated a gingerbread house, and it was all so perfectly "Martha" (as in Martha Stewart). Even the things that didn't go as planned I let roll off my back and nothing really brought me down off the Holiday High.

And now it is a new year. 2011 and I'm not starting it off with tons of resolutions that I probably won't keep (in spite of my best intentions). I made a resolution to be better. Yep, that's it. I want to be a better wife,  mom, person or just a better me. To me that means well... nothing specifically and that's perfect. It's such a broad resolution and there are so many ways to achieve it. The best way I think is to be happy so I will try daily to do something to make me happy. Sure this will probably also benefit James and the kids (I mean who isn't happy when they are eating caramel brownies or going to see a movie or play at the park) but the goal is to make me happy. It's the first selfish resolution I have made in a long time and I think everyone will benefit from it.

So today I'm doing Yoga and I am going to try really hard not to stress about things which is a bad habit I have.  And tonight I will cook one of my favorite meals because being a better me means having a full and satisfied tummy. And then I will read to my kids because that makes me and them happy. And once they are in bed I will curl up on the couch and watch some crappy reality rerun and knit. Because it makes me happy and when I'm happy everything seems better.

So to all of you here is your late Holiday well wishes... I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... and most of all I wish you Happiness.

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  1. Thank you Steffany and all those who replied to her blog to make that happen! The Children need cloths and toys through out the year too, not just at Christmas!

    Sorry i wasnt able to help collect the coats with us going out of town hope to help with that next year!

    Love the resolution of 'being better"! Dont think you can do anything but chieve that goal! This is the best one yet!Best of luck and Happy New Year! Hope to see more of you this year!