Tuesday, September 6, 2011

D's Birthday Party Extravaganza

It was a long weekend that flew by way to fast. This weekend my baby turned 3!!!
And we celebrated big time!

We took the crew to Disney because  really wanted to go and had never been so the "Big 3" seemed like the perfect ocassion. It was a great day and at the risk at sounding cliche... it was magical!

D got to meet her "hero" Rapunzal. She stood in line and then she got to color a picture of Rapunzal and Flynn which she gave to Rapunzal. Rapunzal told her she would hang the photo in her palace gallery. D was thrilled. And the best part was the lin for the Rapunzal "meet and greet" was by far the longest line of the day. By that I mean even though we waited for 40 minutes... every other line was under 20! We rode everything!

 And even though there was no parade that night we did see the fireworks. D had the best seat in the house... My Neck!!!

But the fun didn't stop there. Since this was the first year that D actually understood the whole "birthday concept" about parties, cake and presents we wanted to have at least a little party for her. We invited her closest buddies and the family to Chuck E Cheese for pizza, cake games and fun. It was fun and relaxed (well as much as Chuck E Cheese can be).

It;s funny because I jolingly said I wouldn't tell her she was turning 3 since I want to get into theme parks and movies for free for a few months more but this is a kid who has been saying she's "two and seven eigths" so I don't know how I though I'd get her real age by her.  This is the little chat we had today:

D: How old am I?
Me: How old do you think you are?
D: 3
Me: What makes you think that?
D: 3 is after 2. I had a birthday and I look older like sissy.
Me: So maybe you just look old?
D: You look old. I look 3.

So not only did I not get one past my toddler but she also managed to work in an insult for me. Nice.

But as far as the Birthday Extravaganza went it was awesome. My only concern now is her expectations for next year. We did Disney because it just seemed like the perfect age (and it was) and it was a special first tiem visit and we did The Cheese because we wanted her to have some kind of get together since she actually understands what a birthday is but I hope she doesn't expect a weekend celebration every year!

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