Monday, September 12, 2011

No wonder she's rarely sick!

I am doing my best to give B more responsibilities. Sometimes this means giving her a task (like loading the dishwasher) that she may not do very well in which case I will usually do it over or do it over with her. I figure if I don't have her do it I'd have to do it myself anyway and at least it's teaching her some responsibility and helps with her remembering steps, etc.

So one of B's responsibilities is making her own lunch the night before school. Let me digress for a moment, her school lunches are now $3.50 and with breakfast no longer being free and clocking in at $2.50 her school meals are at least $6.00 a day! Do the math, it adds up. So with me couponing and the deals you get especially on snacks she is taking her lunch.

Now back to the story, B is making her lunches. She can take a tupperware of left overs from last nights dinner, a sandwich, whatever. It's up to her. But since I haven't been cooking anything with leftovers I figured she was hamsandwiching it up.

Yesterday after she packed her lunch and went to sleep I decided to check up on the contents of her lunch. I hadn't looked at what she was packing and since groceries are getting low because I haven't found time to get to the store in over a week I wanted to be sure this kid wasn't packing a sandwich, string cheese and ten different types of candy. I look in her bag and... there's no sandwich.

I'm not sure if she forgot or what so I figured I'll be nice and just make one for her. I grab the bread and OH MY GOD! It's hairy!!! Like growing a fu mancho on the butt of the loaf. So gross!

And then I thought about it and realized I couldn't remember the last time I bought bread because every time I made my grocery list I saw the bread sitting there and didn't add it. God only knows how long it sat there and I can't be sure of when B decided to stop making a lunch sandwich but I would wager the bread has been growing this fungus for at least a week... AT LEAST!

Now not to sound mean but B isn't the most observant child so I she very well may have been eating this crap. Add to that the time I found out she was not washing out her sandwich container but just reusing it (and yes, I found mold or something yucky and greenish-gray in there too) it makes sense to think that she has been dosing herself with some type of penicillin or something because this kid almost never gets sick!

Unfortunately I am going to have to allow her to catch some kind of bacterial funk if need be because I have thrown out the hairy loaf of bread and will be paying a bit more attention to the food she is using in her lunches and self prepared meals... and of course the containers she puts them in. Sure, my medical bills may go up... but at least the gag factor in my house will go down.

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