Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am so not ready for this...

Many of you know my daughter is special needs. I don't want to list everything but she's 12 and basically at a 2nd grade level but she has a 15 year old body. Scary right?

She is now going to a school for special kids and has developed a crush on a boy in one of her electives. This boy is a Senior and is turning 18!!! B  is just barely 12. I don't know if this boy likes her or not in the "crush" sense and I sincerely hope he doesn't because... well she's too young and I'm just not ready for that.

The boy is having an 18th birthday party and invited B. It's in a rented location and from like 7 to 10pm which is an hour past her bedtime which isn't that big of a big deal but it just illustrates that she doesn't even stay up that late at home normally let alone for a party. Now normally I would say "No" to this without a second thought but there are a few things to consider.

1. He may honestly just like her as a friend so there is nothing "attraction wise" happening. This could be totally platonic and innocent and I honestly think that it is.

2. She has never been invited to a party like this. Honestly until she started school a few weeks ago she was always left out and she finally feels like she belongs. I'm not one to care about what others will think if she does or doesn't go but she is and it's gotta be nice to just go and have fun for once right?

3. This boy is special needs also. I don't know what is condition is but he may not be a typical 18 year old. He may be more like a 13 year old which would explain why as a 12th grader her would invite a 6th grader to his party.

4. He may be a totally typical 18 year old and if that's the case why would he invite B  to a party? She's silly and funny but kinda goofy and awkward. And if he just wants to have her come and hang out will his other friends? What if the other kids are normal and it puts her in a possibly hurtful situation?

Of course I will have to call and talk to a parent, see if I can attend the party with her and ask about the chaperon situation. But so far B's on cloud 9. She not only was invited to a party, but she was invited to a party for a boy she has a crush on. I know she will be devastated if I don't let her go but that will depend on what feedback I get from his parents when I talk to them.

I will say even though I am stressing out over this a little I am thrilled. This whole boy and party deal aside, B has friends. She is excited every day when she gets up and is all smiles every afternoon. She loves school. She is doing better both mentally and emotionally then I have ever before. I feel like this weight has been lifted... but in it's place is the prospect of situations like the party and future social scenarios that I have to figure out how to deal with. But all in all, it's a pretty good trade.

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