Tuesday, July 13, 2010

House Beautiful?

There are a great many things I am good at, some things I would even go so far as to say I am great at. I will admit that decorating my house doesn't fall into either of these categories.

It's sadly funny that my friends actually come to me with matters of interior decorating but when if comes to my own abode I can't seem to get anything accomplished.

I tend to get overwhelmed when trying to decorate and then just go with anything but it never ends well. Plus my decor scheme is eclectic at best. With candelabras, and vases and random junk including some medieval style knickknack (from my husband, yes I know what you are thinking, and yes he is that dorky) and whatever someone has given me. Yeah, tasteful right? Plus 3 kids in a 3 bedroom house makes my living room more like a playroom then anything else. And the worst part is nothing on the house has been updated... ever. So we have the original 1980's tile (a vomit inducing mixture of off white, cream, peach and gray) and all the counter tops in the kitchen are bisque with appliances to match. Bisque in the age of stainless steel is a barely a step up from green.

(The tile is way worse in person, I swear.)

Part of the issue is we are wanting to move so I don't want to invest a lot of money into cosmetic crap for a house we are leaving. But there is so much that needs done that if we don't make it nicer to look at soon I am going to loose it.

So I am trying to set up a gameplan for the house. I think a big part is we need to paing the walls. They are a light mauve/plum mixture on one side and a flesh tone peach (our attempt at matching the tile) on the other. Then some areas lik the hallways are chipped white.

So here is the thing, with this tile when we got out carpet installed we when with a light stone color to match the tile. When I paint should I just try to tie int he tile or finally give up and go with colors I like?

We need new couches too, again something I didn't want to purchase because we buy a couch now and move soon what if it doesn't work at the new place? But these couches, aside from being ugly, do match but are breaking down. When I can't find the baby I am always mildly scared that she fell into the gapping hole inbetween the coushions. Plus some springs stick up so you sit at your own risk.

Out coffee table is about done too but it matches the entertainment set and everything else so if we loose that we may have to replace the other pieces too.

Where the heck do I start?

I think I will go and scope out some couches. Get an idea of what I am wanting as far as a sofa goes and then get some color swatches for the walls. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. Now to find time to do that...

Stay tuned for updates on how it's going.


  1. I love decorating - so much fun!

    And welcome to TMC!!!

  2. Ok. Go with colors you like. If the tile really doesn't look great, invest in a nice color matching throw rug to offset it. But I think you're safe with the tile, and that it shouldnt be too much of an issue.

    Find a couch set that's pretty versatile...or find someone selling a set for fairly cheap in good condition. That way if you move and they dont work, it's not too big of an issue. Chris and I got a couch a recliner set for 200, in almsot new condition, the people just didnt like the color in their new home. You're creative enough, you could probably even do a cover for it or re-appolster(SP???) it yourself to match whatever colors you like.

    Ikea can do you do a coffee table fairly cheaply but nicely.

    Also since it's a play room for the kids, there is a thing from ikea we used for toy bins they sell there too. It's got 8 bins, that zip up. lable them, and make them be a place for things to be put away when they're not being played with? I do it for ours. K takes a little more effort, but they do pretty good with it. We also ahve a strict no more than 2 bins out at a time.