Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not such a good day at the park.

As per our normal routine I took D and A to the playground behind where B takes gymnastics while she practices. While we were there two young thug looking characters trying very hard to be cool rode up on their bikes and sat at a bench near the only exit. I then watched them from across the park empty a cigar and begin to roll a blunt.

I am no saint. I admit this but these two kids rolling a blunt and sparking up at a park in where kids were playing was astounding to me.

I thought about calling the cops but with the amount of time it would take them to get there and the problem calling would create if they noticed what I was doing I decided against it.

Once they moved away from the gate we left and returned to gymnastics where we were greeted by another kid who matched the first two kids to a tee was using every foul word he could while on his cell. All this in front of more kids and parents and none of us saying anything.

I only let the potty mouth kid slide because I was so amazed at every ones silence! (And I have a foul mouth too but I at least try to watch it around kids.)

I wish I had said something but the other sad thing is that now a-days, simply saying "Please watch your language" to some punk could get you truly cussed out... or worse. Sad.


  1. I'm an idiot. I would have said something. Maybe not directly to the kids themselves but loud enough for them to hear.

  2. I don't think it makes you an idiot but all the "what if" scenarios rand through my head and even a stupid wannabe thug cvsn pull a trigger or endanger me or my kids. So sad you can't enjoy a day at the park!

  3. lol. I just have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. Even in scenario's where I need to.