Friday, September 17, 2010

Coughing and Doctors and Skates Oh My!

It is a fact that I am well aware of. When I begin to get sick I am in a bad mood. I can't really help it. I get all angry because I know what is going to happen. I will feel like crap, no one will help around the house so I will continue to do everything while feeling sick. Since I don't get to rest it takes me much longer to get over being sick and between the lack of rest and illness my bad mood increases. It's a vicious cycle and it has been going on for the last 4 days getting progressively worse with each passing day.

So yesterday after walking around on eggshells all week James offers to stay home so I can rest. I accept the offer with the ridiculous belief that I can just stay in bed all day and rest and relax. (I know many moms are laughing about this.)

He takes B to school and comes home. During the time he is gone D wakes up so I go and cook her a fried egg and toast for breakfast. He gets back as I am finishing up. Once everyone is fed I go back into the room but I can't rest. I can't turn off my head.

I keep having my "to-do" list pop into my head as a reminder that as I am laying in bed all the things I needed to get done today are piling up and will start to invade my agenda for tomorrow. This makes me even more angry. Finally I can't take it. I go into Devan's room to at least pick up some of the things on her floor because I know if I don't keep the room at least remotely clean she will take it as a green light to trash it completely.

When I walk in her room James is laying covered up on the bed and she is wreaking havoc on the place. This pisses me off. I could have laid on the bed in her room and let her run amuck. What was the point of him staying home for that?!?!? I do realize in his mind he was helping. I just wish he realized how in my mind he wasn't. 

So after I make a couple negative statements I go and scrub the bathtub so I can soak and hopefully the heat will break up this chest funk I have going on. (And FYI I have to scrub the tub anytime I soak in it. It's part of my OCD/phobias.) After the bath I feel a little better and go to check on James and D who are still doing nothing. So after a few more nasty comments by me I go lay down. I then hear some movement in the kitchen.

Well spank my tushy and call me Sally!!! James is vacuuming! And just when I thought the world couldn't invert any further he breaks out the swiffer and does the floors in the kitchen too! So even though it sucks I have to be knocking on deaths door and throwing hissy fits he does help and I apologize. Just for the record I have a very hard time saying I am sorry to James so this was pretty big of me. My apology was accepted with a lot less fanfare then I had anticipated and wasn't complete until he made some comments about how we both have to work full time so we need to help. I resisted the urge to offer to go into his work and make a few sales calls for a few hours in exchange for him taking care of the house and kids for a few days around the clock.

So anyway he did what he thought he should and I am thankful. So we went to pick up B from school and go take Dev to the pediatricians for her 2 year shots and check up. I still felt like crap but I always feel like I have to be there for these things since James can't tell the doctor how many ounces of juice she drinks or how many diapers she soils, etc, so we all went together.

Here is a photo of D with Daddy before the shot:

And here is D after the shot.
 Even the lollipop didn't take away the sting but by the time we packed up and walked out the door she was fine and asking for ice cream and Dora.

After the doctor we went home. From there James took D to Adrian's football practice and because I had promised B weeks ago she could go... I drug my sick butt to the skating rink for a School Skate Party. Nothing makes you feel better like Justin Bieber songs, roller skates and  100 screaming tweens. Just what the doctor ordered.

Oh, while I was at the rink my mom called about my blog post Momma Drama (again).  Apparently she was surprised by the post because she didn't realize anything had happened. I told her honestly that I don't see how she couldn't have realized it was rude or it upset me and she said she didn't and apologized a couple times saying she thought we were joking with each other. I don't know if I believe her but I want to so I will take the apology and file this one under "misunderstanding". I want to be very clear here. I love my mother dearly. I may blog about the crappy things she says or does but it doesn't change that fact that I love her.  I don't always agree with her (well actually I almost never agree with her) and I know she loves all my kids (even though B is the favorite and that sucks for everyone but B) and I will probably always forgive her regardless of what she does. I do this because I love her and I believe in karma and I hope that when my kids are older and I piss them off for whatever reason karma comes around and they forgive me too.

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