Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I finally got my flowers

Anyone that read my No flower, No Lovin'! post will know that I have been practically begging for flowers from my husband but I finally gave up because I just stopped caring. Well, hubby did finally get me some flowers. But I just don't care. I know some people may think I am a hypocrite but there is nothing in this world he would have to ask for that he wouldn't get pretty quickly but to prove a point to me he refused to get me them until I stopped wanting them.
That is the dumbest reason I have ever heard not to do something for someone. How would he feel id he asked em to do something that meant a lot to him and I said no because "He would be expecting it" or "He asked for it" yadda, yadda, yadda.
I am not a child that needs taught a lesson. I am his wife, I clean his house, cook his meals, care for his kids and all I wanted were flowers to just acknowledge that he cared about all that. I know he appreciates the things I do but I also know he takes it for granted pretty often. If flowers were the one thing I needed to feel better then whey not just go grab me some daisy's when I first mentioned it. I can't help but feel he turned this into a power struggle that in his mind he won. In my mind I am a little hurt.
Well, here are the flowers. They are pretty and nice but they just don't mean as much now as they could have weeks ago. But I can't say that to him, lord only know if I would ever see some again. 
He grabbed them on the way home and I cut and put them in a vase myself.
 It's not like they cost much (under $10) so why couldn't he have just done this before? 

And for those of you who may be wondering if he finally got some lovin... He did get some lovin prior to me getting the flowers. I figured why am I punishing myself?

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  1. They are lovey roses... could have been worse though... could have not gotten you flowers at all... on the other side of that coin... HE SHOULDA GOT THE DARN FLOWERS TO BEGIN WITH AND YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD TO ASK!! LOL

    Love ya gal! <3