Saturday, January 29, 2011

My husband is hot... even if he doesn't realize it.

I like to try to get my husband to flex his arm muscles for me. It's not because he is so ripped and muscular (because he's not) and not to get a laugh because he's so scrawny (because he's not). His medium build just does it for me.

I don't even like muscles! But his arms are sexy and I love how you can see the muscles and curves with no veins. It's very appealing (at least to me and let's face it... I'm the only persons who's opinion should matter). But every time I tell him to point the way to the kitchen or the gym he laughs and resists. I practically have to beg to get him to strike a pose.
(This is not James, just a photo I snagged of some site to show you what I'm talking about.)

So today when I asked him to show me how he put some stuff in the attic (thinking he would raise his arms and flex) and where he moved some boxes to (trying to get him to point) in the hopes he would show me those sexy biceps he laughed. I asked him why he always laughs when I make those simple requests and he said it's because he isn't muscular and it makes him think I want a dude with muscles. That is so not the case.

It got me to thinking about how he always says I am sexy and I grab my stomach self consciously and say "It's because you dig fat chicks". I know deep down he likes how I look but because I don't feel as pretty or as sexy as he says I am it's hard for me to just take the compliment and thank him or God forbid... show a little more skin for his sake.

So how after 9 years can neither of us take each others praise about our physical appearance at face value. Why do we and everyone else in the world see ourselves so differently then others see us? I don't have the answer but what I do have to console myself is a hot husband with sexy arms, and butt and various other assets. So with that in mind I am going to stop blogging for now and go cuddle with my sexy man. 

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