Monday, January 10, 2011

Where'd my weekend go?!?!?

It always seems like, come Monday morning, I am looking back at the last couple of days and it's all a blur. I remember going to dinner and a movie with James on Friday (three cheers for gift cards!), and I recall taking the girls to gymnastics and I know we all went to my The Milk & Honey Tea Room for my moms birthday on Saturday but it seems like just after that I blinked and here it is... MONDAY!

It's not that I don't enjoy my mellow, stay at home and lay low days, but I hate feeling like the weekend flew by and now 5 days lay ahead before the next.

But for being a "chill" weekend it wasn't bad. Like I said we went to tea for my moms birthday.

We had High Tea and both the girls laughed and giggled trying on hats.

B raved about the Raspberry Vanilla Tea and scones.  

Grandma Lori (the birthday girl) helped the girls get all dressed up in the dress up corner of the restaurant.

And here are the "Four Generations" all together. My girls, my mom, my grandmother and I.  

I actually spoke to the owner of the tea room about doing a review since I could easily rave about them already, and possibly do a giveaway for the blog so I'll keep you posted on that.

But now it's Monday and today (like every Monday) I will be cleaning except I have to squeeze in a playdate/baby shower. I knitted the baby a blanket and made a diaper cake. I'll post those photos later. So time to stop blogging and get going on the day and get this week started. 

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