Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not a great start to my morning.

I have only been awake long enough to take a shower and make a cup of coffee and I'm in a bad mood. I actually woke up this way but I think it's a result of last night.

Nothing exceptional happened last night but a friend was upset about something that may or may not happen and then I started to worry and even though I'm saying "whatever happens happens" I'm actually pissed but I don't want to say anything because it's really too soon to get worked up.

So I decided to go to bed and de-stress, after all I didn't spend an hour and a half contorting my body in yoga to be stressed out later in the day for nothing right? So I put on a meditation cd and meditated myself to sleep. Until.... some women with a lisps whispering voice starts telling me "relax your eyes, relax your nose," etc. Not only is this not relaxing but her voice actually woke me up!

So I turned off the cd and tried to get to sleep again the old fashioned way and that took forever but I finally went back to sleep because I started having the most twisted and morbid dreams. In the dream someone was dying while Lindsay Lohan was cheating on a bunch of guys and running through a cornfield. The dream was so whacked out I didn't even bother breaking out the dream dictionary.

By the time I woke up to the sound of James and B clomping around the house, slamming doors, showering and taking out the dogs I was not rested and in a bad mood. I was pissed off before I even sat up. Knowing that when I am pissy before my feet hit the floor I am more volatile then a ticking time bomb I limited my words to anyone and took a shower. Then I made a cup of coffee that really tastes like poo and am sitting trying to blog and get over whatever it is that has my panties in a wad, problem is I just don't know what that is so here I am, paragraphs later and caffeinated and still pissy.

I hope I snap out of it. I have too much to do today and no spare time to let the inner bitch out so hopefully she will go back to sleep or who knows what may happen.


  1. Maybe you need to switch back to diet coke. I could be the fact that you are forcing yourself to like coffee. :)
    Hope the "inner bitch" doesn't take over....
    If it makes you feel better I am actually sore from yoga...guess I better do some more yoga to fix that. Have a good day hun...don't let someone elses problems ruin your day. Your such a good friend....thats why everyone tells you their problems, you are a good listener, but some times your memory can get full...Time to defrag.. xo

  2. Great comment robin I agree fully. I think u need a spa day no kids no phone no contact. Just u!!!!!!