Thursday, January 13, 2011

You've been zapataged!

Neurologist days are always tough and with the help of an ass it was made even worse.

Thursday we had an appointment with the neurologist. These days always tend to be bad because we never actually get anywhere. Add to that the fact that hubby's company changed insurance (not providers mind you... just policies) and you have a giant cluster hump of nurses, copays and us trying to get things figured out when we have still not gotten a current card! I had asked hubs to sort this out prior to Thursday and of course he forgot. But I digress...

We go to the neurologist, tell the doctor that there have been no real changes she just hasn't gotten worse, he then says either "let's change prescriptions or let's keep her on the current meds for another month". We then ask for other programs, doctors or specialists to take her to and we are told that he doesn't really know of "where else for us to go".  I then get upset. Pay my $50 copay and vow to spend hours searching the Internet that day to find something helpful.

I then take B to school and D and I go to Sam's club. Now this is where I really got my panties in a bunch.

I am not one of those to wait for a parking spot but a guy in a front row spot is packing his trunk so I pull down the aisle and turn on my blinker. The guy took forever to load his car and had I not already waited 7 minutes I would have found a new spot but at this point I felt "invested and committed" so I continued to wait.

In the meantime 2 ladies pull up their cart up to the space next to the one I'm waiting on and I see a blue sedan pull up in to turn down the aisle. Because I am an idiot and assume people are good and honest and generally nice I only thought for a moment that this man would steal this spot but then assumed he was waiting for the spot next to it with the ladies loading their car or possibly was waiting to pick up someone from inside and wasn't parking at all.

Well I was wrong. When the guy finally moved his car you could tell he tried to block the sedan from taking the spot but the sedan swerved around him and cut me off and took the spot!!! I was pissed!

I pulled my car to a different aisle and as I walked past the mans car her got out. I was holding D but I decided to say something. He was older so maybe he didn't see me or maybe he did and is having a bad day. I think I really just needed him to apologize even if he meant to do it. so I said nicely and calmly "You know you took the spot I was waiting on." The old man flipped out. "I waited for that spot for 30 minutes!" he screamed. I didn't expect him to be a jerk so I went on attack mode.

"Just because you are old and angry at the world doesn't give you the right to be an ass!" I yelled back.

As I did the ladies loading their car started cheering and clapping "Good for you girl", "I saw what he did and that's not right!", "I'm glad you are saying something!", on and on. Other people stopped walking to the store and to their cars to watch the man yell at me.

"You call yourself a lady? Calling me old?" he yelled. "I never said I was a lady but I did say you were an ASS and you should be happy because a lesser person would do something to your car while you were in the store!" I yelled.

Then as he kept trying to scream I just kept saying "Shut up", "You're full of shit and everyone here is clapping because they know it", "Get in the store and keep walking jerk". I wouldn't let him get a word in at all. Believe me... I may not fight often because I choose not to but if I do even a verbal argument with me can be violent so the fact that I kept walking made me proud of myself and I attribute it to having D in my arms as all this went down. And for anyone shocked that I said all this while holding her call me a bad mom or whatever but she hears worse language while I make dinner so whatever.

In the store I made a point to smile and greet everyone super nicely because I wasn't gonna let this man get to me but I found myself literally plotting revenge. I thought out every detail of just how I was gonna key his car down to positioning my keys in my pocket. Before you get all disgusted know I didn't do it. I'm not like that. But I truly only think it's because I'm a firm believer in karma. I don't generally do anything violent or against the law other then speed and that's almost always on accident. I am a good person and wasn't gonna let this guy make me less of a good person NO MATTER HOW MUCH I WANTED TO GIVE KARMA A HAND WITH HIM!!!

But I did snap a photo of his car:
and I reported him on which is a fun little site where you can tattle on bad drivers. Sure it won't really do anything and neither will posting his car photo here but it made me feel a little better telling others and it's better then becoming a vandal right?

I'm glad I didn't do anything else because even though I really wanted to that's just not me and I know he will get anything he deserves good or bad without my help. And maybe he was having a bad day. Maybe he just found out he has the worlds oldest case of crabs and they are so prehistoric there is no treatment so he will have an itchy crotch for the rest of his life. (I can dream can't I?)

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  1. Good for you!!! And eff off to anyone who dares to say you're a bad mom. They don't know you- I DO!!! I'm glad you stood up for yourself! And guess what? The same thing happened to me tonight while waiting for a Carry Out spot to open up at Outback. I'd already moved twice and decided to wait around the corner. A guy cut me off and pulled in. I told him I'd been waiting 10 min for that spot and he said he had too. Funny, bc I didn't see him the 2 times I'd circled around. I don't usually say anything but this time I did- you never know, nowadays, if someone's going to shoot you for speaking your mind- or cuss you out in the middle of a parking lot! lol