Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bring on the Summer

I have been so busy lately that once again I have let the things I have to do drag me away from the things I want to do... namely the things that make me happy like blogging. So after yet another vow to make at least 15 minutes a day all mine for some quality time with my blog I am here and stealing those precious minutes while Elmo keeps my toddler away.

It's been crazy lately. One of my friends said it seems like every since the end of the world hype everyone has been crazy. At first I didn't think so but maybe it's true. It seems like everyone in generally a little more tense and tempers are a little shorter. I myself have gotten into 2 vehicle related arguments and let me say I can't wait until the school year is over (just 3 more days!!!) so I don't have to deal with the pick up line at B's school. I am hopeful that next year picking up kids will work out a bit better but that is only if the people driving have at least one whole braincell.

Next year B is going to Pepin Academy. I'm excited. It's a school for special children and I am more than a little hopeful that she will finally be in an environment that is equipped to teach her.

With the school year coming to an end it's a bit bitter sweet. My baby is leaving 5th grade. She will be a middle schooler and there are lots of events celebrating her liberation from elementary school. The school has a clap out where the 5th graders walk while the school claps for them, there are field days and parties and a graduation celebration. And though this is all exciting I am looking more towards summer as the source of my anticipation.

I love summer. Being home all day with the kids, finding new things to do and partaking in some old favorites. It's funny because I always start out the break with this high hopes and ambitious plans and about a month in I can't wait for school to start so I can have a break. But nonetheless I always get excited about the prospect of time with the kids doing all the things that we can't do during the school year.

Adrian is going to his first sleep away camp and unfortunately we couldn't find any suitable day camps for B but that means while my albino sun is away we can actually go to the beach and not leave after 45 minutes for fear of whitey getting a sunburn (thank you Spanish skin tones).

So for now I am waiting and relaxing this week because as of noon on Friday summer break will officially have begun and we will be kicking it off with a trip to the water park and ice cream and the fun won't stop till I pass out... or until one of the kids misbehaves, whichever comes first!

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