Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crafty Fathers Day Frames

Fathers day was Sunday so on Thursday the girls and I decided to make the dads some hand made gifts. B wanted to make picture frames for everyone so to Michael's we went.

We picked up the simple wooden frames. They are $1 each. Then I asked her how she wanted to decorate them. I asked if she wanted to decoupage, paper mache, paint, color? She wanted to use stickers.

So she and D found stickers for each of the dads. And by dads I mean my dad, my father in law and my step dad. B wanted to do golf for my dad since he loves to play, and for James' dad she picked bowling since they bowl all the time. For my step dad we found one that just said Father since they didn't have any racing stickers.

We covered the frames in cardstock, then I used an exacto blade to cut the paper. We used a file to smooth and distress the edges and the girls put the stickers on (with a little guidance from me) and viola! Three handmade frames. The dads ended up loving them almost as much as the girls loved making them. Best part was they were super cheap. They averaged about $6 per frame so we still got big old rib eye steaks and grilled them up for the dads for dinner instead of going out to eat.

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