Thursday, June 9, 2011

She should still be my baby...

My toddler is smart. She is a precocious little thing. I often say she is wise beyond her years... but she is also moody beyond her years.

Today she wanted a second breakfast. I told her she needed to wait a little since she had yogurt, a cereal bar and blueberries. She wanted pancakes. So I figured if after 30 minuets she was still hungry I'd make her some. But for 15 minutes straight she kept saying "I want pancakes" over and over. I finally said she couldn't have any now since she won't stop whining.

The little fart ran into her room and slammed the door. Well I don't care how old you are, you don't slam a door on me so I went in. I found her lying face down on her bed sobbing! OVER PANCAKES?!?! Isn't this melodrama supposed to wait a few years?

It's scary because she's my last child. She is my "baby" but of all my kids sometimes she is the most mature and least dependant. She wants to do everything on her own, she wants to figure it out for herself, she wants to be a big girl! But I want a baby. I want her to curl up on my lap and let me rock her. I want to hold her as she falls asleep and cuddle with her. I know she at 2 years old thinks she is too big for this but I want her to be my baby for a little while longer. Even if she is faking it for my sake while i learn to let go.

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