Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Telling classmates your pregnant is not a good joke!

So as a follow up to yesterday's 13 and pregnant post, I spoke to B. I asked if she knew how babies were made and as I suspected she thought it was mostly kissing. I really don't want to have the birds and bees talk so I told her that there was a lot more to it. I'll get back to the mechanics when I figure out how to explain it best for her.

I asked why she would tell her friends she was pregnant and she said she was joking. Then I had to explain that a joke is funny and lying about something and letting people believe its true is not funny and is just a lie. She also swears she didn't ask for gifts. Either way she did get punished for lying just so i can feel like shes learning a lesson on honesty and good judgement. She's grounded from all electronics until the weekend so she will be catching up on some reading. So for now alls well that ends well. Well... Until I have to get around to that birds and bees talk.

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