Wednesday, December 28, 2011

E Readers Vs Books

I wrote a blog post a while back about how my purchase of a Kindle caused the down fall of Borders. (You can read it here.)

Since then I have been so in love with reading on my kindle that i barely touch a real book. Now I got the Kindle Fire for Christmas. I wanted it soooo bad but now that I have used it for a few days I just don't think I like to read on it as well as my normal Kindle.

It's awesome for web browsing if you are in a wi-fi area. It's perfect for making me lose hours of my life on some silly app. But it's apps aren't as good as those on the iPad or the iPhone even and even though reading in the dark is now an option I just prefer my normal Kindle.

About a week ago I decided to g o back and reread my "The Wicked Years Collection by Gregory Maguire" (you know, the ones about the wicked witch they used as a basis for the play) since a new and final installment came out. My first 3 copies are paperback so I begin to try and read them. But it's taking me FOREVER! I don't like how cumbersome they are. I am constantly fighting to keep the spine from cracking or pages from crinkling. Also I can't just stuff it in my purse or have it at the ready for the times when I am on the go or stuck in a pick up line!

I swear these things were never such an issue before but now they are crippling my reading enjoyment. So being the cheapskate I am I couldn't bring myself to pay for new books when I already had some just sitting here so I rented them from library for my Kindle. What a relief. The Kindle has truly changed the way I read... I just don't know if its for the better

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