Monday, December 19, 2011

Tutu Crazy!

Everyone knows love making tutus and lately my tutus have been by order only because I haven't had time to make enough for stock since they are going so fast. But I finally got a few listed in my now fully functional etsy shop!

I also made this angel costume for D's recital which she wore for a total of 10 minutes so I have listed it on etsy also at a discounted price.

But with everyone ordering like crazy for the holidays (people love tutus in photos) I have felt like my own kids tutu obsession has gone ignored... so I decided to do a Christmas Photo tutu for D... and since I am sick of Green and Red tutus... I made this crazy colorful number...
It's not your typical Christmas tutu and D isn't your typical kid so I think it works. I found the shirt at Walmart and it was a little silly and colorful like my kid so I concocted this tutu with lots of colors and made the skirt vary in lengths just to make it even more funky to match.
I love finding a normal shirt or even a pair of tights and making a tutu to match. It takes it from being something ordinary to extraordinary and when you get to work with a funky pallet it's even better.

To buy one of the tutus in my etsy shop just click on the photo and feel free to browse the other handmade items. But if you are looking for a costume tutu let me know. I am toying with the idea of making one for me.

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