Monday, April 9, 2012

Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater!

This past weekend I was at an event on child safety at a "cleaning supply store". The owners of the venue that hosted kindly donated a bike to be given away to one lucky kid that was in attendance. Now let's ignore the fact that the owner brought his family and they took up half the audience making the chance that one of their names be drawn for the bike pretty high.
Let's focus on the fact that the owner wanted to draw the winner himself and he walked up with a slip of paper already in his hand. Let's focus on the fact that he wiggled his hand in the shallow dish not actually pulling a slip of paper but just removing his hand with a piece of paper already there. Now let's all pretend to be surprised and happy for the winner... NONE OTHER THEN HIS OWN KID.

Is this not just totally fucked up or what? There is a pretty high chance the kid didn't know at the time her dad rigged the drawing. But seriously?!?! And then to give me their card and tell me to think of them anytime I needed to purchase cleaning supplies and offer to host a seminar for my website on cleaning. Hmmm.... yes, I would love to give you my business and the business of those I know because you have already proved yourself to be so fair and ethical.

Sure, allowing a group to come in and hold a child safety workshop in your facility is great but being a cheater... not so much. I figure either he will just return the bike for the money he spent (which he volunteered to donate) or just wanted his kid to win.

And really... you own a very large and successful business. You couldn't just cover the cost of the $50 (at most) bike from Walmart? Or buy your kid a bike of her own?

It's not like I needed a bike for my kids. But some of the kids there only agreed to go because of the bike drawing. Kind of shitty if you ask me.

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