Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Drama Stops Here

Why the hell do people have to create drama?

People seriously bitch about drama and how they won't put up with it and it's SO DRAMATIC!

Do they even understand that is basically what drama is? Probably not.

A friend made a post on my website about gossip and drama. You can check it out here. It was just so ironic because of all the drama going on and some of the posts and comments on the discussion are really snarky to people. It's like they are trying to pick a fight! Hello?!?! It's not really helping if it creates more problems.

I just don't get the whole drama thing. It seriously pisses me off. Why the hell do people enjoy getting worked up and bitching? I avoid it at all costs and when I am involved (as either the cause or bystander) it consumes my whole day! I spend my time bitching, being angry, talking shit and yelling at people. It's not fun! So here I sit pissed of blogging over other peoples drama that is making me get all edgy!!!
So why do so many people get off on this? Is their life so boring that they have to stir up trouble? Do they have nothing better to do then make ambiguous comments on Facebook just so people will give them attention when asking "whats wrong". I myself have had people come to me to decipher cryptic facebook posts and tweets. My answer is generally "GO TO THE SOURCE!".  I don't want involved. but then being the hypocrite I am I go ask the person if they are ok. Next thing you know I feel "involved".
Why people ask the one person they know hates being involved in this shit about whats going on is beyond me. And I know when a friend makes a post or people bring a post up to me and I ask if they are ok I'm probably not making it better. I actually am trying to help but it never works out that way.

Then the next snarky vague comments that are made I think are about me since now I'm paranoid. Everyone says say it to a persons face but know one does. Hell right now I'm saying it to my blog!!! Hypocritical much?!?1

So I hate the drama bullshit and am just going to limit it as much as I can. So people that make their "I hate gossipy people" comments trying to get everyone on edge or post shit like "If you don't like my post I'm unfriending you on facebook" so they feel like people pay attention to them blow it out your butts. If you need attention that bad just call me up and I will be happy to tell you first hand what I think of you.
The best way to strop this drama bull is to STOP IT. Don't discuss it, don't complain about it, don't stay involved in it. Just stop it! So since I can't control other people I just have to deal.
You can't change people... you can only change how you react to them. So the drama stops here.

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