Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flea Market Trip!

On weekends there is a tradition of disagreement in how we spend out time. Since I am home most of the week with the kids I really want out of the house and having hubby there to tame the wild ones helps. But since he is at work all week he really likes to stay home and chill (playing World of Warcraft).

So I told him last night that I don't care what we do as long as we get out at some point on Saturday for at lease a little bit. I gave him the option of deciding where we would go to.

He choose the flea market. My son asks "What is a flea market? Is it like Sam's Club?" I explained that it wasn't. It was more like a bunch of yard sales jammed into one place. This he kinda understood. So the kids scrapped up some change and loose bills and were ready to hit it.

As soon as we got there, there was a "silly band" style rack of those rubber band bracelets. So for less then $2 my kids picked out 20 bracelets. I did not realize when I agreed to let them get these that the process of picking them out would be tedious and involved. After 20 minutes they got the "shit or get off the pot" call and quickly finished up.

My son's next find was a little shop going out of business with a big sale on samurai swords. Just what every 8 year old needs, right? Well hubby and my son thought so so he got a wooden (thank God) sword.

The rest of the place was what seemed to be a mixture of things people forgot to dump in the trash and knock-off designer purses, shoes, clothes and accessories.

I am not a "label" kinda gal but the Coach purse I had on retailed for $248 and the diaper bag I carried for over $400 (thank you to the outlet store that is not what I paid for them but that's neither here nor there). Some mook at a purse stand tells me he can get me a better looking Coach bag for $39. I glanced behind him and wanted to slap him. One of the bags actually says Couch. Seriously?!?!

Then I found a charm vendor who had Pandora Bracelet style charms that I thought about snagging but only because they weren't pretending to be Pandora charms. After only a moment of though I decided not to muck up my bracelet with charms that cost $3 a piece after what James has spent on the ones I have. I thought it might be insulting. He said it was so yeah me for the right choice.

After much walking and sweating and no real "finds" we headed home. That was when my son said he'd "rather go to a real yard sale" and all I could do was laugh.

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