Monday, May 10, 2010

My Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day is by far my favorite holiday. It is the one day out of the year where I am celebrated for the one thing I take the most pride in.

Once you have kids your life is so defined by the title "mom" that a lot of the other things that you are may get lost or pushed aside. I am actually fine with this. I love being a mom. I am usually really good at it too. So knowing this, every Mothers Day James really does what he can to make it special.

On Saturday we after the Walk for Melanoma, my mother, grandmother, daughter & I all went for pedicures. I got some crazy green color while B got a bright pink (and weaseled a manicure out of the trip too). Then we went to lunch at a very cute tearoom and just talked and laughed all four generations.

Then for Mothers Day on Sunday we have a tradition that every year we take a "road trip" to some place. These trips end up with me at a Coach store getting my annual supply of Coach bags (usually 2 with an accessory).

This year my oldest each picked out a Pandora Charm for my bracelet (another tradition I love) while my baby "picked" out a Cricut Expression!!! I have been aching for one of these! Well hubby got me a Droid phone (which is so cool I can barely figure out how to use it) and after just the charms, Cricut and phone I figured I already made out like a bandit and didn't want anymore money spent on me. It didn't take much talking into for me to change my mind when we got to Coach either. Not only did I get a Coach Diaper Bag & a very funky Coach purse but James and the kids didn't even complain when it took me almost an hour to pick them out! Then they patiently followed me in and out of several stores that I know they had no interest in going in. If that isn't love then what is?

They all just went so out of the way to show me how much they appreciate everything I do and making sure I had a good day and even though my goodies were very cool and I loved getting them... it was the effort behind it all that really made my day special.

I just love this man and these kids so much it is a little scary. Now the trick will be trying to reciprocate on Fathers Day. I think James really set me up for failure without even trying. How can I possibly top yesterday?!?!

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