Friday, January 21, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel where can you be?!?!

D has fallen in love with Rapunzel. I took her to the Tangled sneak peek and ever since Rapunzel has been in a race neck and neck for favorite character with Dora. If you had any idea how much she loves Dora  you would realize how big that is. She's seen Tangled 3 times!

Well she used her Christmas money to buy a singing Rapunzel doll.
It sings the "When will my life begin" song from the film. It's pretty much the most annoying doll in the world. It's loud and sheds long blond hair everywhere and the hair is always getting matted (causing me to have to braid it's hair). But D  loves her. Since we bought her they have been almost inseparable. In fact D  hasn't been this attached to anything (except her beloved blanket "Manket").

But today when D  went to get Rapunzel she was now where to be found! Come to think of it, I couldn't remember the last time I saw Rapunzel. I believe it was before the last bout of MRSA so that would be last Thursday so where could she be? When D 's having one of her outbreaks we don't leave the house. So I look... and look... and look... and find nothing. I look everywhere, the toy box, the closet, under furniture, even in the refrigerator... but no Rapunzel.

I finally talk D  into leaving the house with her two other Rapunzel's, one is a stuffed doll and the other is a Barbie like doll. She isn't happy but at least she's willing to get in the car. =

When we finally get to the mall and are walking with my friends, we find the Disney store is having a store closing clearance and the singing dolls are on sale!!! But just my luck there are no Rapunzel's. I ask D  if she wants the Aurora (me thinking since she is blond and in a pink skirt she kinda looks like the wayward Rapunzel) but D  wants the Princess and the Frog doll of Tiana. Fine. They are pricey but for 50% off to make her happy I'm buying it. Plus some Rapunzel shoes and a hairbrush that sings.  Not to mention that my friend Lindsay got her daughter Ayla the same doll too so they have matching babies.  That should make her happy right?

You would think so but even though she loved the shoes and brush when I gave her it just didn't make up for the loss of Rapunzel and when I gave her her new Tiana doll she made such a sad and pathetic face:
I ask " Devan, what's wrong? Don't you like your Tiana?"
She cries "I want my Rapunzel!" and begins to sob like someone just ran over her puppy!

Later Lindsay sends me a video of Ayla playing with her doll:

Ayla is singing and dancing with her doll. Now that's what I was hoping for, that's what Devan used to do with Rapunzel but instead I got tears. So the search is on for Rapunzel... I will find her if it's the last thing I do!


  1. I sure hope she sings her way found soon!

  2. UPDATE: Rapunzel has been found and is unharmed. Turns out, I'm not the only person who thought the doll was annoying. Brianna stashed it in her brothers toy box where it probably wouldn't be found because "It's so loud!". I can sympathize but Devans crying for it was just as loud as the dolls singing. Alls well that ends well.

  3. I realize that this post is almost 2 yrs old lol, but I just want to express huge gratitude to you.
    I googled the singing Tiana doll to add to my daughter's collection, and came across that adorable pouty-faced cutie of yours sitting in her car seat. :)

    This is completely off topic, but I have gotten tremendous flack for buying my 3 yo a Rapunzel singing doll for Christmas. :(
    See, we're afro-American, so naturally, we're supposed to love & support Tiana & only Tiana, right?? Grrr@ppl sometimes.
    Granted, I was thrilled when Disney finally introduced a black princess...and my kiddo adored her too, so we got plenty of Tiana. Well, since the release of Tangled, tP&tF has fallen to the wayside lol.
    DD's got an AA bitty twin, an AA corolle doll, & an AA lee Middleton doll, which have all competed for the #1 spot lol. Rapunzel has since knocked them all out of the picture, and my daughter has begun toting her shedding blonde friend everywhere with us. I get some odd looks...idk if they are disdain or what, but it's definitely uncomfortable. I live in NYC & take public transportation.

    A friend of mine commented on how "you don't see white women buying black dolls for their daughters," and you have proven her wrong. :)
    I'm glad to see someone else getting their baby a character that could potentially make her happy, rather than focusing on the race of the toy.

    Granted, I teach her self-love & mainly get brown hued baby dolls, but I couldn't justify not allowing her to love & carry around a Disney princess doll simply bc she is fair skinned & blonde. Afterall, what would that say about me?
    Thanks for helping me feel better about my decision. Btw, glad you were able to locate the doll.