Monday, August 22, 2011

Auto Drama

What a day! (And it's not even over yet!)

So with the big kids going back to school tomorrow, today was the official start of "D and Mommy Days". Since the big kids are home today they got to hang with us.

D started the morning with circle time (which was her sitting on a mat in front of me) followed by doing workbook pages. I'm taking it easy with things this week since I figured we'd have to adjust to new schedules and such. So I decided to have her work on colors, shapes and basic writing. She was quick to tell me she already knew all these things so I tried to explain the concept of practicing but it didn't work. Bribing with stickers did however.

After that we went to story time at the library and she really enjoyed it. We checked out books and had fun! Then on to last minute uniform shopping. B  no longer fits into the shorts I bought her not even a month ago and they had no more of the next size up so I had to order them. This means she has no shorts for school and will have to wear long pants. Poor kid is going to be so hot.

On the way home my air conditioning on my car went out.  Hello?!?!? Florida!!! It was a miserable drive home. Here is the deal with the car... I bought my 2002 SUV about 6 years ago. Before the 2 year mark the engine went out and we paid $5000 to replace it. Yes, you read right, 5k! In the last 3 years we have had an annual repair of some sort for an average of $800.

Last month, four months after the last $800 repair, I finally paid this puppy off. I had the idea of putting the monthly payment aside and save it for a down payment on a new car once the hubsters car was paid off.

If it lasted a year I'd be ok, 2 I'd be happy, 3 I'd grow wings and fly! But not even a month after I sent in my final payment my ac went out. There's another $900 repair. The place fixed what they thought was wrong but it keeps going out! Today was the 5th time. They said last time we took it in if it happens again we may need to replace the compressor which will cost about $1500.

So now I am home, blogging my frustrations instead of doing one of about 20 things I need to get done by tomorrow because I can't stand to see my kids dripping sweat in the back seat.

Now I have to decide if I want to just get a new car and keep having two car payments (and gas, and insurance, etc) or share hubby's (which I absolutely hate) or just roll around in a hotbox and see if my kids can actually melt. If it were winter I could make it another few months since heat seems fine but this is Florida. It won't start to get cold for at least 3 months and what am I supposed to do until then?

No matter what, we have to figure ou some solution, be it temporary or not, by tomorrow because school starts, James has work, A has football practice, D has gymnastics, I still have errands to run and that's not even the entire to list. Grrr!

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