Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School

So today was the first day of school. I'll be honest, things didn't go exactly as I planned.

For starters James took B  and though I asked them to wake me, they didn't. Now I know they were being nice trying to let me sleep in but I wanted to see her off on the first day. No biggie, I could at least look at the picture I told James to be sure to take.

Once I finally got up I dressed for yoga. That's right! I'm going back to the old routine. So I was all ready when James said the mechanic wanted me to bring my car in. Ok, well... I did have brunch planned before yoga and since we had to drop off the car at noon, which is in the middle of the class it looks like my work out would have to wait until another day. But at least I could still have brunch!

Brunch was actually very nice up until D  had a wet fart. Yummy! I didn't realize it until I took her to potty but once I discovered her little Hershey kiss I took off her underwear, rinsed them and wrapped them up. D  was going commando but as long as she was discreet no biggie right? Well if you know my kid you are laughing right now because you know D  and discreet have nothing in common except a first initial. She didn't show everyone her va-jay-jay but on the way to the table she did tell everyone that she passed that she wasn't wearing undies. And when we got back to the table she flashed my friend by lifting her dress up to her eyebrows. Ok, that's my cue to leave.

So I then dropped off the car and came home to convert a corner of my house into a school for D . Once that was done we braved an hour long adventure to pick up B  who said she had a great day. She was so excited I barely understood a word of what she said as she told me every detail about her first day of middle school. We then took D  to gymnastics and picked up daddy. We picked up my car and went to eat with a friend. But during dinner B bit my friends son.

Here's the deal, I realize when stressed she can act erratically, and I know she can't always verbalize what she wants to but she knows not to bite!!! Basically they were playing and he wouldn't get off her and she bit him to get him off her. I asked if she felt threatened, in danger, confused, scared or even angry. She said no, she just wanted him to get up. I was so mad and embarrassed. I mean, she's 12 and he's 7. I sear with this girl sometimes it's like 1 step forward and 5 steps back. Well, she is grounded now over it but I am still in shock.

Anyway we then came home and after the nightly fight to get D asleep I asked James for B's first day of school photo to post but... he forgot! I feel like 8 years of work is gone. Sure he'll snap one tomorrow but it's not the same. At least it may make for an interesting note in the scrapbook so I am trying to not be too upset. So here I am blogging. Things didn't go as planned today. Pretty far from it but I feel like I am getting better at these curve balls life keeps throwing at me. No one plans to have to take the car in, no one plans to have their kid bit a friends kid but I am trying to stay calm and just keep on going and today I did ok. Tomorrow hopefully I'll do the same if not better but you never know!

Sine I don't have a photo of B on her first day of school here is a photo of D on her first day in her "School Corner". Unfortunately she prefers being under the desk rather than sitting at it but at least she is still doing her work. And by the time she's in school she'll be a pro at the tornado drill. What a weirdo.

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  1. Thank you for going to brunch with me! And it's a good thing Dev's got such a cute hiney. LOL